Not precisely about work shoes.

Elaine Ingham inghame at AVA.BCC.ORST.EDU
Wed Feb 8 15:58:51 EST 1995

What do I wear to work?  Like you, I liked that fact that scientists 
seemed to be able to dress casually.  Most the time I do, especially
when I can say that I'm heading to the field or will be working with 
acids in the lab.  But, there are times when important folk want to see 
me, and I need to impress them.  So, out come the nice pants, skirts and 
blouses.  I actually own two dresses, which I wear when I'm giving talks 
or invited seminars or something.  I get to talk to a congressional
committee in the near future, so I may break down and buy something
grey, brown, or dark blue in lawyer fashion so I can blend in among
those folk.  I want them to pay attention to what I say, not what I am 

Which brings up a story - I interviewed for an academic position 
at a small eastern University about ten years ago, and one of the 
comments I heard back via the grape-vine was that the one other woman in 
the department didn't like me because I wore open-toed shoes, indicating 
that I was too casual about really wanting the job.  There were other, more
serious problems that I had with the place - like wanting to start me at 
a salary of $21,000 (it was ten years ago, but still!!!) - so I just 
laughed when I heard that comment.  

But there are old-fashioned people in this world with which you must 
contend and I guess it's easy enough to buy "the uniform" when you're 
interviewing for jobs.  Just remember not to require such silliness when 
you're at the other end, and you're interviewing candidates for jobs......  

Elaine Ingham

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