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	   Principia College Public Affairs Conference 
	Confirmed Speakers List (As of February 8, 1995)

Dr. Virginia Abernethy
  Professor of Psychiatry and Anthropology at Vanderbilt University.
  She has written two books pertaining to population stabilization.
  Her most recent article in the Atlantic Monthly focuses on the
  "perceived economic opportunity" theory of fertility rates.

Ms. Sally Ethelston
  Director of Media Relations for Population Action International and
  Editor of Middle East Report.  She coordinated PAI’s presence at the
  International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo this
  past September.  She worked at the Arab American Institute and has a
  broad knowledge of the Middle East with specific expertise on issues
  relating to family planning, reproductive health, "women in
  development", and human rights.

Dr. Huma Ahmed Ghosh
  Professor of Anthropology at San Diego State University.  She has
  taught Anthropology and Sociology courses pertaining to gender
  relations in Asia and development and urbanization issues in the
  developing world.  Dr. Ghosh has conducted research in India on
  the impact of agricultural development on rural women and on the
  status of women in the handicraft industry.

Mr. Ben Hren
  Director of the Izaak Walton League of America’s "Carrying Capacity
  Project."  The project is an educational initiative working to bring
  the impacts of US human population growth and natural resource
  consumption into balance with the limits of nature.  He played an
  active role in the NGO Environmental Working Groups, promoting the
  expansion of environmental and sustainable development concepts in
  the 1994 World Programme of Action.

Ms.  Perdita Huston
  Writer and consultant on population, development and environmental
  issues for LIFE magazine, TIME, the New York Times, and The New Yorker
  magazine. Author of several books including the highly respected "Third
  World Women Speak Out." Currently writing a publication for the UN to
  commemorate 1994 as the Global Year of the Family.

Dr. Judith Jacobsen
  Author and lecturer specializing in population, environment,
  sustainability and gender issues in the developing world.
  Conducted public round-table discussions on US population growth,
  fertility, and migration patterns as a consultant to the President’s
  Council  on Sustainable Development’s task force on population and 

Mr. Alexander Marshall
  Chief of Media Services at the UN Population Fund and Editor of
  State of World Population Report.  Before joining UNFPA he worked
  with the British Ministry of Overseas Development, and between 1978
  and 1980 was UNFPA coordinator for Sri-Lanka.

Dr. George Moffett
  Diplomatic correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.  Served
  a three year tour as the Middle East bureau chief.  Author of "Critical
  Masses:  The Global Population Challenge."  He was awarded a Global
  Media Award by the Population Institute in 1993 for a series of
  articles on global population.

Pending Congressional schedule, closing remarks will be given by the
Honorable Richard J. Durbin (D-IL).  A seven term Congressman and former
chairman of the Subcommittees on Agriculture and World Development, he
has published articles concerning the role of women on international
population and development.

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