PAC: Critical Connections

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Thu Feb 9 02:18:57 EST 1995

The Principia College School of Government presents the 46th annual 
		   Public Affairs Conference

		    Critical Connections:
	Global Population, Women, and the Environment
			April 6-8, 1995

     · What are the consequences of population growth on global 					    

     · Will rapid growth of population and consumption push us beyond 				    
        environmental thresholds?

     · Is family planning an appropriate method for checking rapid
        population growth?

     · How should reproductive choice and economic freedom for women 				    
        around the world be addressed?

     · How does the population crisis affect you?

			The Public Affairs Conference

PAC, the oldest student-run conference in America, is a three-day
educational oppurtunity for students from around the nation to discuss
freely the vital and relevant issues of the day.  Former speakers have
included Henry Kissinger, Enrico Fermi, Richard Nixon, and Jonathan Kozol.

This year’s PAC will feature nine speakers chosen for their knowledge of
and experience in population, gender equity, international development,
and the environment.  The format will include a keynote speaker,
workshops, expert panels, roundtable discussions, and a closing session.

The 250 delegates will enhance their understanding of important
interdisciplinary links that are needed to find answers in the population
and development debates.  Resource people will be available during the
roundtable sessions for small group discussion; they include grassroots
activists from Guatemala and Kenya as well as university professors
specialized in relevant fields.

For specific information, including speakers list, registration form,
and schedule, please check the other bulletin entries or contact
us directly.

                   We look forward to hearing from you!

			 Yannick Laclau, Director
			Public Affairs Conference
		    Principia College, Elsah, IL 62028
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