Should I change my surname?

Marla Brunker brunker at
Wed Feb 8 20:45:11 EST 1995

"A. Murray" <AMURRAY at> writes:
>dmerriam at (Deborah Merriam) wrote:
>> Hello all, 
>> I am getting married this coming summer, and I'm trying to decide whether
>> to keep by birth name as-is or take my beloved's surname.  I am currently
>> working toward my M.Sc. (and hopefully my Ph.D.) in Experimental Medicine,
>> and I'm extremely fortunate to have a publication to my credit already
	Not to be simplistic
but it IS possible to maintain both
a professional name and a personal
name. Also, some married women
start using their birthname likea middle
name, as you may have noticed
("Deborah Merriam Beloved", e.g),
which helps to tip off acquaintances
that she answers to both names.
Best of luck,
	Marla Brunker

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