Should I change my surname?

John Alsobrook alsobrook at
Sat Feb 11 23:19:28 EST 1995

Hi, thought I'd chime in on behalf of my wife and myself.  We are both
professionals, and it never occurred to either of us to change her name
or my name.  This is a personal decision (as everyone has pointed
out!), and we felt that the name-changing tradition was too rooted in
females-as-property to go that way.  Occasionally it's problematic, but
as long as we point out to whatever business/office we're dealing with
that my spouse's last name is different it usually goes well.  It's
also a source of amusement to get soliciting phone calls asking for
Mrs. Alsobrook (my mom's name) or Mr. Treloar (her Dad's name!).  The
only family person who gave us flack was her mom (a woman who has
successfully struggled to become independent, and a professional as
well!); she almost had a stroke.  And some of my co-workers are
extremely confused by it... but we laugh at all that!  As for kids,
we're considering having the males take my name and the females take
her name (they are all still in the planning stages).  That _really_
sends her mom into a panic!  Well, enough said, just thought I'd chime

John Alsobrook
Yale Child Study Center

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