Terry the (sad, wanna-be) tyrant

Cathy Quinones quinones at orchid.UCSC.EDU
Sun Feb 12 20:30:54 EST 1995

In article <11922047 at dancer.Dartmouth.EDU> Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU (Julia A. Keith) writes:
>Ok, we've ignored you up till now, but this is ridiculous-we are all busy
>people and don't appreciate having our mailboxes cluttered with such nonsense. 
>I suggest everyone on the net send Terry Parks messages back to him/her until
>this person at least limits his/her drivil to a single message and not a bunch
>of one liners that make Andrew Dice Clay look like a feminist.  

No, no, no.  These sad critters thrive on attention.  If they get no response,
there is no payoff and they fade away.  It is easy to identify this kind of
beast by the sheer # of posts they belch out and the sheer spitefulness of
the crud they write.  After a couple posts one can easily recognize the
tone: it's about what THEY want and what THEY think, they have no time or
interest in dialogue or in hearing the other side of the argument (and
they don't post to explore ideas or learn, just to annoy and bait).

EVERY newsgroup gets this kind of crap.  The bird newsgroups get posts
about "how does cooked parrot taste?" and the cat newsgroup gets "1001
ways to kill a cat" and so on.  There is even a newsgroup, alt.tasteless,
whose posters have been known to put their collective ganglia together to
plan "invasions" to other newsgroups.  

Of course, there's psychos in the internet, just like everywhere else.

If you see something you disagree with, and you think it's worth arguing,
go for it.  If you get no response from the original poster, you know they
were NOT interested in discussing the topic.  But keep in mind that openly
inflamatory remarks (the kind of thing that looks like it was designed to
outrage the readership of a certain newsgroup) usually ARE flamebait, they
are a troll for attention.

When things get REALLY out of control, it is best to contact the system
administrator at the site where the poster has an account.  This can be
done by sending e-mail to sysadm at site; explain the situation.  If the
system administrator judges it necessary, he/she can send a warning to the
account holder or even cancel their account.  It is not unusual to get a
post from the system administrator saying the problem is being addressed. 
Of course, this won't do much good if the poster owns the site from which
he/she is posting; then again, many "flame trolls" seem to come from
university sites, so this approach IS very useful.  It also works for
posters who hold accounts with private providers (AOL, Compuserve,
Prodigy....) and business machines.

And, there's always kill files that can pluck out posts by author or

But, my favorite thing is when some idiot posts flamebait, and nobody
responds.  I can visualize the poor dolt sitting there, checking the
newsgroup, wondering if the post made it "out there".... kind of cool, huh?

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