College senior in distress

RGyure rgyure at
Mon Feb 13 18:43:02 EST 1995


I know you will receive lots of advice-- most of it sound, but his may be
a little different. Have you considered the Peace Corps??? I graduated
with a biology degree, and went to the Peace Corps as a freshwater
fisheries biologist. The experience changed my life-- in every way (for
the better). Coming home, I had a much clearer idea of who I was and what
I wanted out of life. And, I understood the world and other people so much
better. It was fun, exciting, rewarding....   I am not being paid to
recruit-- just something I believe in. I plan to do something similar with
my husband, once my daughter is old enough.

I have recommended this to many of my students, and several have gone--
all have loved it!! If this appeals to you, I encourage you to consider

Ruth Gyure, Edgewood 
College, Madison WI

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