new forum: suggestions for a post-doc?

JuneKK junekk at
Wed Feb 22 08:49:34 EST 1995

I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for improving the chances
for getting funding in the areas that one was interested in. 
Specifically: I have been trying to extend my stay at a post-doc position
where we have presently sent in ~4 different grant applications.  If I
don't get it, I have to leave.  Since I am geographically committed (I'm
"married" to this area), I would probably have to go to a different
(although admittedly, related) area of research than the particular one I
am interested in.  

Frankly, it has been very frustrating living on a month to  month basis,
not knowing whether I would have a job in the near future.  (For example,
two months ago,I found out that I was getting a slight reprieve- extended
funding until March).  I've been lucky in one sense, in that I've been
part of this really exciting research.  The crazy situation of funding
however, is making me wonder if I picked the right career!  What do you

P.S.  Is anyone else getting tired of the fact that the main postings in
this newsgroups has been on "the Work Shoe" and also T.P. (you know who)? 
Lets talk science!! 

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