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Wed Feb 22 01:03:37 EST 1995

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eoshuster at UCDAVIS.EDU (Beth Shuster) wrote:
 In one
> case, a very intelligent young woman, who already had a master's degree and
> several publications under her belt, was told (by employers) that
> applications from women were not being accepted.  She is now in a Ph.D.
> program here, and doing well.
>   As I lack first-hand knowledge of the Japanese culture, I don't know how
> prevalent this type of incident is.  If typical, it suggests the existence
> of a particularly sturdy glass ceiling, set at a fairly low level on the
> career ladder.

To add a little insight, my roommate went back to Japan after attaining
her bachelors and Masters in the US..INternationall relations...not
science admittedly.  She tells me that she has to get in as much overtime
as she can now, because when she's married, she will not be permitted to
stay after six when she must go home and prepare the meal her husband will
be expecting when he gets home at 8/9 pm!  The company actually forbids
married women to do overtime!
This is a very definate can they possibly compete for
promotions etc?  I'd be facing ANOTHER 4 years of PhD if I had to go home
at 6 pm!

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