The Bell Curve

Jill Ann Weber jweber at
Wed Feb 22 21:08:40 EST 1995

It seems to me that we are being inundated right now with lots of new 
studies (i.e The Bell Curve, the TV show on gender differences) because 
the status quo is feeling threatened.  There seems to be this need to 
legitimize the predominantly male and predominantly white authority and 
power structure in this country.  The best way to do this is, of course, 
with these propagandistic studies.  Later, when asked why women make less 
money for the same job and why fewer minorities -- especially blacks -- 
hold certain jobs, then these same studies can be cited.  As a Ph.d 
student in archaeology, I can safely say that this happens in ancient 
history all the time.  When do kings feel the need to create monumental 
stelea extolling their virtues and power?  They do this when their power 
is weakened and questioned.  I think we are observing the same type o 
fthing right now.  I heard or read somewhere that the major difference in 
the November elections was the large amount of young white male voters 
who went Republican.  They were afraid of losing money and jobs to gender 
and race initiatives.  As ridiculous as some of the ideas expressed in 
these studies and books are, I almost feel that women and other 
minorities should feel proud for causing this great fear.

Anyway, just a thought...

Jill Weber
jweber at

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