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Sat Feb 25 05:31:59 EST 1995

In article <JY55UX2.brunker at>, Marla Brunker <brunker at>

> 	Good, stay home. One of the burdens of US citizenship is hearing/
> reading blanket criticisms from people who aren't from the States but know
> exactly what's wrong with the place and everyone here. "You Americans are
> so...[fill in the blank]".

> 	I suppose someone held a gun to your head and forced you to
> read all 28 articles. I do get tired of the sort of mentality that says that
> women scientists are required to forego any interest in clothes (even comfortable ones), families,
> men, or domestic matters.

No, nobody held a gun to my head. Neither do I think women scientists are
to forego any interest in clothes, families or any other subject not having
to do with their science and their scientific career. More importantly,
that was not what my message was about.

My point - which seems to have been missed - was this:

I am not interested in your personal shoe problems. I thought that this
newsgroup was meant as a forum for discussing topics related to being a
woman in biological sciences, their ways into research, their career
prospects, exchanging news which are relevant in helping other women into
research and staying there. To me, discussing which shoes to wear doesn't
enter into it. 

There's a warning posted before you send an article to a newsgroup, to
prevent people from sending out too many and irrelevant messages. The
people participating in the shoe discussion should be aware that entering
your personal shoe problems into a worldwide newsgroup can serve to dilute
it and make in uninteresting for other women scientists around.

I hope that this clarifyes my first message was and that it doesn't lead to
the sort of insulted sidetracking quoted above. I actually believe we have
more important things to talk about.

P.S. See also JuneKK's article "new forum: suggestions for a post-doc?" I'm
not the only one.

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