Work shoes and other important things

Michelle McNair mymcnair at UCDAVIS.EDU
Sun Feb 26 12:55:28 EST 1995

On Sat, 25 Feb 1995, Karine Hertzberg wrote: 

> My point - which seems to have been missed - was this:
> There's a warning posted before you send an article to a newsgroup, to
> prevent people from sending out too many and irrelevant messages. The
> people participating in the shoe discussion should be aware that entering
> your personal shoe problems into a worldwide newsgroup can serve to dilute
> it and make in uninteresting for other women scientists around.
I'm sorry, I seem to have missed your first post. Did you have a salient 
point that you wished to discuss other than complaining about the shoe 
thread?  If so, perhaps we could get back to IT.

I really don't think that something which does interest so many of us is 
irrelevant though, the idea of having something new & innovative was very 
appealing, and many people were glad to be able to contribute their ideas.  
Although many of us don't have a formal "silly dress code" at 
work, we do have silly, unspoken cultural "fashion" expectations, which many 
of us would like to see changed so that we can get on with our work.  I 
think the ideas offered were constructive, & of interest.  Hope you're 
not too offended, and can offer something better to discuss!


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