brachiopod energetics

Mon Feb 27 14:30:22 EST 1995

Hello everyone,

I am working on brachiopod energetics at the University of New Brunswick for 
my master's degree in marine biology.  I have been following this group for 
six months and have enjoyed reading from it during my afternoon coffee break.

I was wondering if anyone is interested in or knows anything about "scope 
for growth" in bivalves or brachiopods.  I am attempting to construct an 
energy budget for two species of brachiopods.  Please feel free to contact 
me personally. Brachiopods may be too sedentary a topic and could put the 
general readership to sleep. 

P.S.  I wear PROPET walkers in my lab. They are comfortable, non-slip, 
lightweight and reasonably priced so I don't mind the occasional seawater 
splash on them.

Hope to hear from someone, 

Shova Dhar

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