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> After having read 28 articles on different types of shoes, I am happy I
> don't live in the US and don't have to follow some silly dress code. 
> What I don't understand is this: why don't you just go to a shoe shop and
> buy shoes that can be used for walking, instead of spending time and energy
> on debating The Ideal Shoe on a newsgroup that's supposed to be for women
> biologists? So what if some old morons want you to wear high heels, that's
> their problem.
> I'm not particularly interested in other peoples's shoe preferences. I hope
> the shoe people can either stop filling this newsgroup with shoe talk or
> make their own.

Karine - 

I just wanted to point out that the "Work Shoe" discussion was started by a
question from someone working for a shoe company (Reebok, I think). They
were seeking comments from women scientists on what they look for in a work
shoe, to help them in developing new products. 

Those of us who had opinions on the subject were happy to provide input
which was *requested*. That's all.

Barb Lewis
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