Work shoes and other important things

RuffeL RuffeL at
Tue Feb 28 10:45:43 EST 1995

In article <hs0ZET3.brunker at>, Marla Brunker <brunker at> says:
>Karine Hertzberg <karine.hertzberg at> writes:
>>My point - which seems to have been missed - was this:
>>I am not interested in your personal shoe problems. I thought that this
>>newsgroup was meant as a forum for discussing topics related to being a
>>woman in biological sciences, their ways into research, their career
>>prospects, exchanging news which are relevant in helping other women into
>>research and staying there. To me, discussing which shoes to wear doesn't
>>enter into it. 
>        In other words (a) whatever doesn't interest you shouldn't be
>discussed in this newsgroup and (b) you're more qualified to decide what's
>appropriate here than the women who wrote the 28+ articles in that
>thread.  Okay, got it.
I agree with you a 100%, this is not a fashion article .

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