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Tue Feb 28 03:41:03 EST 1995

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> 	However, condemning a discussion of clothes - even work-clothes -
> as too frivolous for women scientists strikes me as sexist in itself.

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> > 
> Don't you have anything better to do than whine?

Whoever said anything about frivolous? And what sort of an argument is the
whining complaint? It's that sort of thing which can really lead a
discussion down the drain.

About the shoe thread: I appreciate that input about the shoes started as
replies to a request from a shoe designer, but the listing of brands and
complaints about the shoe style required from your work environment very
soon amazed me. It didn't seem to get beyond complaint level though, which
was what provoked me. 

As a lot of you seem to have the problem of not being able to choose shoes
that don't cripple your feet, for fear of the social/career consequences,
why don't you discuss how to *change* that sort of dress code tyranny
rather that finding slightly more bearable but still conforming shoes? That
would truly attack the problem, and this newsgroup would be a place to
I also tend to believe that there are quite large differences in culture
between the US and Europe/Norway in that we don't have to look very stylish
and still will be taken seriously. I haven't and probably never will, be
subject to that kind of "shoe code pressure" (that doesn't mean I look like
a dump, but that applies to men as well). I also think that applies to a
lot of work areas in Norway and several other European countries (but
probably with exceptions, so please don't take the easy way of listing some
exception to prove me wrong). As such, I may not be able to help you
solving the problem, except urging you not to put up with it (which you
don't like to hear).

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