The Bell Curve

Jill Ann Weber jweber at
Tue Feb 28 00:25:33 EST 1995

Well, I'm not really sure why my posting caused such a reaction in 
Pearse.  I didn't feel -- while writing it and now re-reading it -- that 
the opinions expressed were so awful as to generate that reproach.  
Anyway, it is my understanding that postings to the newsgroups do not 
have to be thoroughly researched journal-approprate articles, especially 
when qualified with "just a thought".  If this is not the case, please 
let me know.  

I think perhaps I did not make myself clear about what I was referring to ...
Though the posting was titled the Bell Curve, I was referring to the many 
"studies" presented in the popular media: newspapers, television, books.  
I truly believe that this onslaught is related to changing social 
and professional relations, and perceptions of inequality in job opportunities. 


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