bjford: who he? why?

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Sun Jan 29 09:35:15 EST 1995

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>In article <1995Jan26.161858.28622 at oxvaxd>, kkaye at says:
>>Last I heard this was about women in biology. Who is Brian Ford (I don't think
>>I *really* want to know) and why is he on this line?
>>Dr. Katherine J. Kaye
>>kkaye at
>Come on, Dr. Kaye; do you really want to be as exclusionary as implied
>by your response?  If someone wants to be included in discussions
>germane to women in bio, should we be so bold to hold sex as a discriminant
>for participation?
>If that is true, perhaps I don't qualify to post here, either...I am a chemist
>by degree, and I perform research in a field that has bio connections
>but not, per se, bio.  (Environmental science and engineering) 
>I am presuming that troublemakers on the bulletin board will be exorcised
>by several ways....having the group ignor them; sufficient flames; moderator
>(if there is one) intervention.
>what do others who participate in this group feel? 
>thanks for letting me air my views on this.
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Hi - I'm new here (been lurking a while, though) and I'd like to say that 
I enjoyed Brian Ford's posts (I don't mind salty language in the least - 
use it myself when my mom isn't around) and he made great points - he 
sounds like a great parent.  I was hoping, eventually, to ask all of you 
for advice on my situation (earning a master's at 39, then thinking about 
doctoral work) but I don't want to hang out with a bunch of intolerant 
people - and this is the first hint of intolerance I've ever seen here - 
and it really surprised me....

Ellen Paul
University of Maryland
Graduate Program in Sustainable (ahem) Development and Conservation Biology

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