bjford: who he? why?

Hadass Eviatar eviatar at
Mon Jan 30 17:32:38 EST 1995

jl_bryant at (Janet Bryant) wrote:
> If that is true, perhaps I don't qualify to post here, either...I am a chemist
> by degree, and I perform research in a field that has bio connections
> but not, per se, bio.  (Environmental science and engineering) 

Perhaps I shouldn't either (not that I have been doing much posting,
but I do lurk here). I'm a physicist, performing research at an
Institute for Biodiagnostics. Hence, I am interested in the work
and opinions of women in the biomedical sciences. I happen to be a
woman myself, but I would probably be interested even if I weren't.

What's all this intolerance, anyway? Why shouldn't men post here, if
they have something relevant to say?

Regards, Hadass

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