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This job description follows an announcement published recently in Science 
(6/16) and posted electronically on 6/26.  For more information, please 
contact Associate Dean Garving Davenport at 
gdavenpo at piper.hamline.edu.
                   Associate Professor and Chair
                         Biology Department
                       College of Liberal Arts
                   Hamline University, St. Paul MN

Hamline University invites applications for the position of biology chair 
which has been specifically created to explore new directions for faculty 
collaboration across a wide range of academic disciplines within the 
college.  Faculty from all academic divisions of the college have formed a 
search committee to explore potentials created by this position for 
expanding interdisciplinary collaboration.  Currently, Hamline's science 
division offers departmental majors in biology, chemistry, physics, and 
mathematics, and interdisciplinary majors in environmental studies and 
computer science.  A growing interest in interdisciplinary collaboration 
among faculty is illustrated by such activities as biophysics seminar and 
faculty collaborative research in molecular anthropology, neurobiology, and 
disease modeling.  The chair of the biology department will be positioned 
to strengthen curricular links between biology and other departments on 
campus through novel programming that clearly situates biological science 
within an interdisciplinary context.

The successful candidate will:
        - demonstrate innovation in teaching and experience in science
          curriculum reform
        - contribute leading edge experimental and pedagogical skills, and 
          help pursue anagenda for creating a biology program that prepares 
          students for challenging post-graduate opportunities
        - bring experienced leadership to the chair, and help to enact 
          visions of collaborations among faculty from diverse academic 
          areas through the creation of new programs within the science 
          division and in the college as a whole
        - develop a molecular biological research program involving 
        - develop an extramurally-funded research program to support 
          student-faculty collaborative activities

The biology faculty presently consists of five full-time members, all 
of whom hold the Ph.D.and conduct research involving undergraduates.  
Majors complete a one-year introductory biology course and then choose 
elective courses from population, organismal, and cell/molecular areas.  
Each year, 10-15 students engage in collaborative research with Hamline 
biology faculty.  We are revising our curriculum to reflect an 
interdisciplinary context for biological science and to develop stronger 
emphasis on skills needed for students to pursue a variety of professional 
paths.  This summer, biology faculty are redesigning the introductory 
series as inquiry-driven courses emphasizing experimental, computational,
technological, and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in 
research-intensive environments on and off campus.  The successful 
candidate will bring leadership to this curricular revisioning 

Substantial resources currently available will support this new 
position including:
     - administrative course releasecollege-wide funding for faculty 
       development in research and pedagogy
     - substantial and varied institutional resources such as stipends, 
       scheduled two-course release and sabbaticals for professional 
       development, opportunities for interdisciplinary ventures across 
       the college
     - state-of-the-art science facilities housed in new Science Center 
       including research and equipment labs
     - divisional endowment for student-faculty collaborative research 
     - modern computer facilities including PC and Mac labs, fully 
       networked Sun, HP and SGI Indigo II workstations, and support staff 
       for system administration and technology services
     - dedicated research lab space and startup funding for equipment
       state-of-the-art instrumentation including analytical HPLC, FPLC, 
       250 MHz NMR, GC/Mass Spec, high speed and ultracentrifuges, UV/Vis 
       spectrophotometer, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, etc.
     - recent equipment and infrastructure improvement grants to develop 
       molecular biology research facilities (PCR, protein and nucleic acid 
       electrophoresis, electroporation, hybridization, densitometry, etc.)

Interested candidates should send a letter proposing an agenda that 
responds to opportunities and expectations summarized here and further 
developed in other attached material. Candidates should take special note 
of the importance placed on interdisciplinary leadership in projects and 
experiments expanding beyond the department and, indeed, beyond the science 
division.  Please send curriculum vitae, selected reprints, research 
interests and skills (computational, instrumental, administrative, etc.), 
research facility and equipment needs, and addresses/phone numbers of three 
references to:

Dr. Garvin Davenport
Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Hamline University
St. Paul, MN  55104

Interviews will commence after September 15, 1995 and continue until the 
position is filled.  Hamline University is an Affirmative Action/Equal 
Opportunity Employer.  Women and minorities encouraged to apply.

Cynthia M.Bauerle                        cbauerle at piper.hamline.edu
Dept. of Biology                         phone: (612) 641-2940
Hamline University                                    641-2291
1536 Hewitt Ave.                         FAX#:  (612) 641-2956
St. Paul,  MN  55104-1284

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