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Joy Frestedt frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Sat Jul 8 09:28:28 EST 1995

>I would appreciate hearing from the readers of this list about 
>judging science fairs and the criteria used to judge the students 
>projects/papers.  In addition, I'm hoping that a few readers will have 
>information, guidelines or references which discuss how to write papers 
>for science fairs.  The Graduate Women In Science have begun a 
>collaboration with the Minnesota Academy of Science to write some 
>guidelines and offer some assistance for students and teachers in grades 
>4-8.  We hope not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to write some short, 
>helpful, well-illustrated guidelines with an annotated bibliography.  Many 
>of us have judged science fairs where some students have had very little 
>help and we would like to offer a product that helps every student write 
>better.  We welcome your assistance on this project.
>Joy Frestedt

Joy L Frestedt, PhD candidate
Pathobiology program, Lab Med and Path
University of Minnesota Medical School
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Minneapolis, MN 55455
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