Vivisection...the cat's pyjamas? part1/2

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Fri Jul 7 19:01:03 EST 1995

Who is posting on John Pranger's account?

So far as I know there is no evidence that any antivivisectionist has
ever done anything to save a HUMAN life or to prevent HUMAN suffering.

Who are the "experts" quoted by Pranger to say that animal experiments
have not helped humans?  Kind of like the Holocaust "experts" who say
that "there is no evidence that the Holocaust ever occurred".  Perhaps
it would be better to listen to people who have saved millions from
suffering and death.  Both Salk and Sabin have gone on record as saying
that development of their vaccines would have been impossible without
animal experiments.  Dr. Sabin has written "My own experience of over
60 years in biomedical research amply demonstrated that without the use
of animals and of human beings, it would have been impossible to
acquire the important knowledge needed to prevent much suffering and
premature death not only among humans but also among animals" (quoted
from a letter from A. Sabin to Sharon M. Russell, Sept. 13, 1991).

Flame off

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