Madhuri Roy roym at
Mon Jul 10 08:44:55 EST 1995

Hi there everybody.

I am relatively new to this newsgroup and have a few questions to toss 
out.  If I am being redundant or banal, please someone do let me know.  
I am a recent college grad who has a few years working in academia -- 
Molecular Biology.  I am at crossroads in my career path, deciding 
between going to medical school and pursuing a career in the biotech 
industry.  I am trying to find out as much information about the 
lifestyles, job security, long term payoff etc... While this posting may 
sound naive, my questions and concerns are sincere.  I was wondering if 
anyone might have general comments on these issues.  Some personal 
information, I am keen on 'settling down' and having a family and if 
possible Having it all!!

naive newcomer

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