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Mon Jul 10 20:23:46 EST 1995

                                 Women Online Worldwide

Hello friends!

This is to update you on what's going on with us.  Women Online Worldwide
was launched on June 30, 1995.  Our grand opening night was Monday, July
3rd. In less than one week, we've already put together a mailing list of
over 450 women on eWorld who have been attending our nightly conferences,
reading and posting on our message boards, and those who have specifically
written in asking to have their names added to the mailing list.

We have scheduled a special guest speaker for Tuesday, July 11th...Teresa
Trull...renowned singer and producer.  Our members are very excited about
the event.  If you have access to eWorld, the conference is at 5:30pm
Pacific Time in the WOW conference room...Shortcut: WOW. We'd love to have
you join us!

In Women Online Worldwide you'll find discussions on all sorts of Women's
Issues...Health, Family, Work, Education, Leisure, Sports, Legislation,
etc. We're tied in with organizations across the country and around the
world. Read articles, meet and chat with new and old friends, post your
ideas, subscribe to magazines, join organizations. We have an online
vendor area, with a bookstore, jeweler, clothing shop, and more ready to
join in.

We want you to help us make this the best online resource for Women
We need more volunteers to help us.

- If you'd like to help us achieve this goal...
- If you have any information you'd like included...
- If you have any products or services by or for women...
- If you have any writings you'd like to contribute...
- If you're interested in hosting live chats...

Or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions...

Please drop me an e-mail at:

franwow at

To reach us, call 1-800-521-1515, extension 969, and tell them you want
your free trial software as soon as possible. 


Doing so will insure that WOW gets the credit which will enable us to
provide a higher quality of service for women. You'll get the software in
1-2 weeks, and then you can sign on immediately. Your first month's trial
subscription is free and you'll have 10 free hours to explore eWorld and
WOW. After the first month, the normal subscription fee will be $8.95 a
month, which will include 4 free hours per month. After the 4 free hours,
you'll pay just $2.95 per hour. And remember, since this is a major online
service, you'll be accessing us through a local number. (No more long
distance charges!) It's the best deal around!  And really, that's not that
much when you think of what you can get out of it.

Right now, eWorld is restricted to Mac users only.  HOWEVER, within the
next few months, they will be expanding to include PC users also. So keep
an eye out for the announcement...we'll get the word out when that
happens, so that all of our PC friends can join us too!

Give us a try!  We know you're going to love it! 

See you soon!

franwow at

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