science fairs

Sharon Lefebvre slefebvr at
Thu Jul 13 09:55:56 EST 1995

Hello.  I'm new to this group so I'll take a moment to introduce myself. 
I'm a third year PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the 
University of Maryland.  I participated in science fairs and my 
experience was a very positive one.  I come from a family with no science 
background at all, so I never received any help with my projects.  
However, in my case, I think it was usually clear to the judges which 
students had done the work and really understood what they had done.  I 
think it is still possible for kids working alone to compete against, and 
even win against kids with slicker projects who received alot of help 
(I'm a good example).

Sharon Lefebvre

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