KRobe15041 krobe15041 at
Thu Jul 13 19:28:57 EST 1995

Hey!  I just left Rockefeller U. a year ago-which lab are you in?  I just
thought I'd put my two cents in and say that industry isn't really all
that great, because 1) there aren't any "good" jobs for anyone with just a
B.S./B.A. (I know, I've tried.), and 2) if you do manage to find
something, chances are that the company will want you to do a ton of work
for as little as possible (usually as a temp).  Most of the perks offered
by companies in the past are gone now due to downsizing (and so are most
of the jobs).  As for "having it all": I know one woman who is raising two
kids and juggling a science career-it's very expensive/stressful, and I
know another woman who put her science career aside because she felt that
she should be home for her two kids until they reach school age, and she
HATES it.  So it's a tough call-generally, it's extremely difficult to do
both well;something has to give.  Med school-you're a student for a good
chunk of your life, then graduate to deep debt, high malpractice
insurance, and tangling with health insurance companies. (Gee, do I sound
down? It's only because I'm going thru the same thing.)  Drop me a line
and we'll discuss it if you like.

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