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> I feel so lucky to be in a lab run by a brilliant women, with a all-women
>lab to boot.  I didn't realize how special this mentor is a great
>role model. She has learned not be be a "women scientist" first, but a
>SCIENTIST first, who is also a women.    In this way she has successfully
>learned to balance who she is with what she does for a living.  I see that I
>should cherish this time when I can be free of any sexist overtones while
>working on my Ph.D. Although I must say I don't recall any problem with
>sexism or lack of role models in college either. We had plenty of women
>faculty, very sensitive male faculty, and I recall competing fairly
>aggressively and evenly with my male peers???? Am I naive or are there others
>who haven't really noticed a problem being a women in science (biology?) 
>Lisa cciletti at

You are not necessarily naive. You are right that you should cherish this time 
though since you have found a great environment to work in. I also had no 
problems in grad school relating to sexism or gender- it was a non-issue for 
me and I didn't know how lucky I was- I could focus on the real stuff, which 
could be hard enough at times!  Later on I ran into some problems with 
extremely sexist people, and found it to be a real pain. I am glad to say it 
is mild and infrequent enough in my present situation to be no more than an 
annoyance for me- but the careers of many women are severely affected by the 
ignorance and prejudice of others.

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