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>Spend ten minutes in the library, with Kennedy's Directory of 
>Executive Recruiters (yes, Canada is included, just as in the 
>real world) and/or look up the free recruiter directory that is 
>in Genetic Engineering News each year.
>Better yet - asks friends or colleagues in industry who they know.
>Recruiters are NOT GEOGRAPHICALLY RELEVANT. You'll find an NYC
>headhunter that will do more for you than one in Guelph, etc.


I find it intriguing that you have referred several times to Kennedy's list of 
recruiters.  Granted, it's fairly comprehensive and up to date, but I have some 

I find their list is very difficult to sort out with regard to recruiting specialty.

And, more importantly to the recruiting industry, Kennedy publications is well known 
for their support of the contention that "All Contingency Recruiters are Unethical 
By Definition".

For the edification of those reading this newsgroup, recruiters who work "on 
contingency" only get paid when they make the placement. Retained firms get paid 
upfront, before the placement is made. Kennedy pubs, and retained search firms in 
general, contend that this leads to conflict of interest and other problems.

Your comments would be most welcome.

By the way, as well as providing a comprehensive biotechnology, pharmaceutical and 
medical industry staffing resource, effective and comprehensive directories of 
recruiters may be easily obtained via FSG Online.

The URL is:

Frank Heasley, Ph.D.

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