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>I find it intriguing that you have referred several times to Kennedy's list of 
>recruiters.  Granted, it's fairly comprehensive and up to date, but I have some 
>I find their list is very difficult to sort out with regard to recruiting specialty.
>And, more importantly to the recruiting industry, Kennedy publications is well known 
>for their support of the contention that "All Contingency Recruiters are Unethical 
>By Definition".

The best way to learn about someone's ethics are to talk with them,
or talk with other people about them. "Gut feeling" is the #1 tool
to use in this decision. 

Kennedy's directory, unlike yours, is free and makes no attempt to 
editorialize about ethics. Along with the free Genetic Engineering
News directory of recruiters - a "bible" of "who does what" in 
biotech recruiting, it becomes a combination that completely 
eliminates the reasons why someone would have to buy your lists.

(Snip - condescending comments removed)

>By the way, as well as providing a comprehensive biotechnology, pharmaceutical and 
>medical industry staffing resource, effective and comprehensive directories of 
>recruiters may be easily obtained via FSG Online.

At the USER'S EXPENSE (I note you say nothing about this in your post).
(Please don't insult my intelligence by saying that the money goes
elsewhere, and that it is "free" like the resume-trolling FGS Online.)

By the way, I've noticed a trend recently which FGS and other companies
appear to be moving towards. Instead of doing the job of a recruiter 
(to place people in scientific and other positions in biotechnology,
pharmaceuticals, or medical devices) you are starting to sell products
and services to people who are looking for jobs. If this trend continues,
we'll see the emergence of a new "candidate paid" type of recruiting firm 
(something that has almost disappeared, thank God.)

My idea of making the best of a poor job market is to work harder and
fill more client assignments, hence placing more scientists into industry.
I don't feel comfortable selling stuff to people who already are strapped
and frustrated by that same job market.

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