Young Scientists

Mrs G.M. Head gmhead at
Mon Jul 17 10:03:40 EST 1995

I agree that female role models are not that difficult to find in Biology.  I
have been lucky enough to work with two female professors who both provide
superb, although contrasting, role models.  I do believe that many women find
it too difficult to juggle children, a stable relationship and a career in
academic science.  In my current laboratory 80% of the postgraduate students
are female, but 0% of the more senior scientists.  This is quite representative
of biology in general although perhaps a little worse than normal.  The
situation is maintained by the long time it takes to establish a scientific
career and the relative paucity of oportunities for career breaks.  If you want
to stay in science you really have to keep on top of your subject.  

A career in science is not an easy option, you have to really love science and
feel that you would be incapable of doing anything else.

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