Reshaping (my) graduate education

Mary R Leinhos leinhosm at
Tue Jul 18 18:35:43 EST 1995

I would like to add my two cents on the issue of non-research faculty 
positions.  In my recent investigations of science education, I have 
identified a few tenure-track faculty persons-- first of all, my 
soon-to-be advisor.  She is assistant professor of Biochemistry, but has 
no lab, and never did.  She is in charge of the Masters program for high 
school teachers.  I haven't yet contacted the other people I've run 
across, but they appear to be doing research in science teaching, are 
biology faculty, and I don't think they have labs.  I don't know if they 
started out with labs, but I bet their CV's demonstrated research competency.

Mary Leinhos

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