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lperg at GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU (Lesley A Perg) wrote:
>While a lecturer position does not 
>carry the salary, tenure, or prestige of a professorship, it is still 
>extremely valuable position.  We have a lecturer in the Geosciences 
>department, and besides handling most of the the intro classes, he also 
>is the major advisor for the undergraduate club, is the honors advisor, 
>and teaches a course on geoscienes education. [snip]

Now THERE'S a valuable colleague, and a thoughtful department to
give that essential job to someone who wants to do it well and has the
time and resources to do so.
Dan Koshland wrote an editorial in SCIENCE several years ago in which 
he said that there should be a place at universities for people who 
teach (the true professors) and those who just do research.  I think
anyone who sat through lectures by a Nobel laureate or Famous Scientist
as an undergraduate knows that research ability and teaching ability
don't always go hand in hand.  State universities have probably paid
more attention to this because of a vocal local group of alumni and
board of regents, and maybe Koshland's idea deserves some discussion...
you could have the researcher/teachers (Professors), the teachers 
(Lecturers), and researchers (Distinguished Researcher?)

Comments, anyone?

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