Young scientists/reassurances

Gwenith Jones gaj5m at
Tue Jul 18 14:42:23 EST 1995

Actually, in my experience in science what is lacking are good mentors,
male or female.  I have had two female mentors, one good and one bad,
and one male mentor, very good.  In fact it was my post-doc advisor who
I feel is directly responsible for my obtaining an academic position. 
He was also very supportive of emotional needs.  He gave me support and
space when I went through a rough breakup, he provided support and
extended job for another post-doc after her husband decided that he did
not want her to join him.  These are just two examples but trust me
there were many more, both major and minor.  As I talk to other people,
I appreciate the job he did as a mentor more and more.  Perhaps there
would be better mentors in science if some aspects of mentoring were
taught at the grad. school level.

Gwenith Jones

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