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Wed Jul 19 15:04:11 EST 1995

Dave Jensen (davej at wrote:
: Kennedy's directory, unlike yours, is free and makes no attempt to 
: editorialize about ethics. Along with the free Genetic Engineering
: News directory of recruiters - a "bible" of "who does what" in 
: biotech recruiting, it becomes a combination that completely 
: eliminates the reasons why someone would have to buy your lists.

I take strong exception to your contentious and incorrect assertions.  
Firstly, although kennedy's directory itself doesn't discuss ethics, 
their other publications do, extensively and pointedly in favor of 
retained search.  Why any honest contingency firm would put up with their 
treatment is beyond me.  Secondly, their directories are far from free.  
The paperback edition as I recall is around $25, and the corporate one is 
several hundred $$.  The GEN Directory sells for $95. Finally, the lists 
that I offer are not my own.  They are provided by one of the most 
respected and ethical firms in the business. Ever heard of Ken Cole?

: >By the way, as well as providing a comprehensive biotechnology, pharmaceutical and 
: >medical industry staffing resource, effective and comprehensive directories of 
: >recruiters may be easily obtained via FSG Online.

: At the USER'S EXPENSE (I note you say nothing about this in your post).
: (Please don't insult my intelligence by saying that the money goes
: elsewhere, and that it is "free" like the resume-trolling FGS Online.)

I'm afraid it might be difficult to insult your intelligence, if this is 
a manifestation of it.  The fact is that the money does go elsewhere.  

With regard to "resume trolling" (whatever that is), anyone who cares to 
look will find your 1/4 page ad prominently trolling for resumes in the 
back pages of every issue of GEN.  At least FSG Online restricts resume 
access to real employers with real jobs to fill.

: By the way, I've noticed a trend recently which FGS and other companies
: appear to be moving towards. Instead of doing the job of a recruiter 
: (to place people in scientific and other positions in biotechnology,
: pharmaceuticals, or medical devices) you are starting to sell products
: and services to people who are looking for jobs. If this trend continues,
: we'll see the emergence of a new "candidate paid" type of recruiting firm 
: (something that has almost disappeared, thank God.)

I think you have an interesting idea of the definition of "recruiter" as 
one who finds jobs for people.  The last time I checked, a recruiter was 
one who found people for positions.  FSG Online provides products and 
services for those who need them.  Most of the services are free.  It is 
necessary to charge for some of them, as the system is very expensive to 
maintain, in both $$ and time.

: My idea of making the best of a poor job market is to work harder and
: fill more client assignments, hence placing more scientists into industry.

My idea of being successful is providing an outstanding service that 
people find valuable.  Whether it's jobs or books, the bottom line is the 
same: excellence results in success.

FSG Online is recognized as the premier staffing resource for the 
biotechnical, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. All of our 
services are provided to candidates for free, and most services are also 
available to employers without charge.  

There are over 500 listed positions and many other services provided. See
for yourself what it's all about.  The URL is

Dr. Frank Heasley

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