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Anne L. Burkhardt burkhardt at
Wed Jul 19 08:27:00 EST 1995

I just started following the women in bio net and decided to appeal to those 
of you that subscribe for your thoughts:

I am about to try for a new position in a new company that will require 
leadership capabilitites.  I believe that I have the ability to do this, but I 
need to convince those that I must interview with.  My current supervisor has 
been a great colleague in science and a good friend.  He is "coaching" me on 
this aspect of the interview, but he is not giving me a great deal of 
confidence!  Not sure why.  He believes that I can do the job and do it well.  
I guess he's concerned re: my convincing the headhunter and the other 
scientists at the company.  I think that I interview well.  But now he has me 
a wee bit scared!  What should I do?  I am trying to anticipate the questions 
that I will be hit with...which is a little bit difficult for me since I have 
not gone through this at this level before!  Any ideas?

Anne at BMSPRI

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