: ==>FREE 1yr MagazineSub sent worldwide-314 Popular USA Titles

Hilary Bates hbates at amgen.com
Wed Jul 19 15:23:31 EST 1995

diana at shazam.econ.ubc.ca (Diana Whistler) wrote:
>A person responding to the post:
>==>FREE 1yr MagazineSub sent worldwide-314 Popular USA Titles
>> By the way, is there a moderator on this group?  This sort of stuff realy 
>> shouldn't be happening.    Missy
>The comp.soft-sys.shazam newsgroup does not have a moderator.
>It seems that occassionally the group receives posts that are targeted
>to a wide array of newsgroups. Very annoying and wasteful.
>These posts can be ignored - they do not cause enough disruption to
>warrant a change to a moderated newsgroup. 
Agreed. Just send the offending message back to the sender (if enough
people do it, their mailbox will be cluttered up big-time) and copy it
to the postmaster at the location from which they are posting. Takes a
few seconds and seems to be pretty effective. I've even had a courteous
message from someone in Australia letting me know that the offending
person had been dealt with! :-)

hbates at amgen.com

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