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Thu Jul 20 08:46:16 EST 1995

burkhardt at (Anne L. Burkhardt) wrote:
> I just started following the women in bio net and decided to appeal to those 
> of you that subscribe for your thoughts:
> I am about to try for a new position in a new company that will require 
> leadership capabilitites.  I believe that I have the ability to do this, but I 
> need to convince those that I must interview with.  My current supervisor has 
> been a great colleague in science and a good friend.  He is "coaching" me on 
> this aspect of the interview, but he is not giving me a great deal of 
> confidence!  Not sure why.  He believes that I can do the job and do it well.  
> I guess he's concerned re: my convincing the headhunter and the other 
> scientists at the company.  I think that I interview well.  But now he has me 
> a wee bit scared!  What should I do?  I am trying to anticipate the questions 
> that I will be hit with...which is a little bit difficult for me since I have 
> not gone through this at this level before!  Any ideas?
> Anne at BMSPRI

I am in a very similar position to you (at the same company).  
After getting my Ph.D., I worked for a small company where one 
was recognized for what they did, rather than who they were.
Since joining a larger company 2 years ago, there does seem to be a
different attitude. You are lucky in that your supervisor has 
confidence in you. It seems from your post that you know you can do 
the job, but your not sure if you can convince the other company.  
You need to approach the interview with the attitude that you can and
will get the job.  The mangers will pick-up on your confidence.  Also,
it's a good idea to think of your 5-year goals, philosophy of 
management, etc. because those questions will come up. I think in a 
lot of ways, it's easier to change jobs into a higher position than to
get promoted to that position from within a company.  

Good luck,
Pat Cash

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