grant writer wanted

D.C. Anderson worldpal at
Thu Jul 20 11:00:13 EST 1995

World PAL is looking for help in preparing and submitting grant
applications. Please forgive us if such a  request is  inappropriate
for this Newsgroup.

World PAL is a tax exempt organization working on Population & Resource
management in the developing world. Our program attempts to heighten
awareness among young people for these as well as other related and
problems. The actual program is designed and developed by the regional
in Latin America, and delivered to the young people while they spend
the day on board
our large sailing ship.

We are looking for an experienced grant writer to assist us in raising
funds for this very
worthwhile and productive project. If you would like to discuss this
position in more
detail please contact Capt. D.C. Anderson at 203 348-5582. Thank you.
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