on-line mentor needed

BessieRose bessierose at aol.com
Tue Jul 25 12:03:43 EST 1995

I just finished one disastrous post-doc and now realize my fatal error: I
did not get or seek out advice re: what questions to ask of a prospective
post-doc advisor.  For advice on who's best in my field I will seek out
the appropriate people, but I wondered if members of this newsgroup could
post either questions they wished they'd asked of their post-doctoral
"mentors" or questions they'd been advised to ask.

Here's my contribution: ask how many post-docs they have had and how many
graduate students and what happened to them.  If the P.I. can't account
for the whereabouts of his former post-docs, it means he/she did
diddly-squat to help his post-docs find jobs. 

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