science and humanities and grad school

Mary R Leinhos leinhosm at
Thu Jul 27 14:03:55 EST 1995

Regarding the breadth of the undergraduate experience and its 
frequent lack of attention to the relations between subjects, I feel the 
urge to include my two cents about the breadth of the graduate 
experience.  One of the things I find bothersome about graduate school is 
the lack of time or encouragement to continue exploring subjects like 
literature and history.  Besides the effects on my growth as a person, I 
feel that pursuing such studies would benefit a science grad student by 
honing thinking skills and preventing them from becoming too focused, so 
that they can't apply their skills to anything but what they have 
personally worked on.  Perhaps this is too strong, but I think I can say 
that graduate training is too narrow.  What do you think?  I realize the 
issue is more complex, as there is already a lot of content to master in 
order to become a scientist.


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