Penn State's season prospects

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Fri Jul 28 19:26:45 EST 1995

Doug O'Neal (oneal at wrote:


: 								Doug 

: P.S.  I'm just posting something in your newsgroups as irrelevant as 
: "women of the bible" is to 

Well, thanks a whole lot, bud.  That was a random bit of Spammage 
directed at all of the newsgroups with .women. in the name.  There is no 
sense, and certainly no point, in "punishing" with your irrelevant 
comments the other groups *also* subjected to the ad.  The most effective 
way to handle the situation is to mail the offending article, with an 
explaination, to the postmaster of the site (in this case, compuserve).  
Ideally, the administrators of the site would remove this person's 
account if they are in the habit of spamming.  Mailing a polite letter to 
the offender, and pointing out sources for proper net behavior, is also 
appropriate.  Then killfile the thread.  If you feel you *must* reply to 
the thread, leave the header the same for those of us that have already 
killfiled it.  And if you do change the header, leave the old one in 
parantheses so that people can recognize the thread and skip it.

[ re-added, and follow-ups set to alt.spam] 

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