Acquaintance service withRussian Women

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at
Wed Jun 7 10:50:30 EST 1995

In article <3r4fbo$lbs at>,
Sergey Lezhnev <serg at> wrote:
>Just jump to
>Good Luck

FINALLY! Just what every female biologist wants; her own Russian woman :)
This guy is quite the entrepeneur! Now the only thing I need is for 
someone to bring back the Pet Rock. I lost mine when I was a teenager
and there's a gaping hole in my heart...only then will my life be 
complete (sigh). I only hope there's enough room in my heart for my
SO, my new Russian woman, my two dogs AND a pet rock.

Stacy (OK, enough silliness. I really have to do that GCG stuff I 
       supposedly logged in for :)

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