Technology Transfer

Lee Bryan 100275.3521 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jun 12 16:56:20 EST 1995

My name is Lynn Scott, I am looking for a job in the technology 
transfer field.  Probably in a college or university, in the 
state on Vermont.  I am currently living in the US on a B1 visa 
with my fiance.  Since 1992 I have run a small Biotechnology 
company called Epitope Custom Peptides.  The company started as a 
university spin out, exploiting work I had done during my PhD.  I 
have put the company into liquidation since coming to the USA to 
get married.

My experience both in an academic and business enviroment 
includes - business planning, seeking finance, grant application, 
cash flow forecasting, P&L accounts.  Together with my partner I 
also prepared the monthly management accounts, employee salaries, 
income tax, national insurance and VAT returns.  I was also 
responsible for marketing, advertising and trade shows & I 
designed all our own adverts and logos.  We took the orders, made 
the peptides, QC'ed them, packaged and send them out all over the 
world, dealing with export/import hassles and customs 
regulations.  Into the bargin we won a UK Department of Trade and 
Industry Small Business Merit Award for Research and Technology.

If you have any ideas about how I can get a visa to work in the 
US or you have an employment oppertunity that would suit me 
please get in touch

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