Oyster Reef Restoration

Mon Mar 6 11:56:21 EST 1995

In article <3jf66t$6um at clarknet.clark.net> aacccmns at clark.net (Michelle Cummins) writes:
>An oyster farmer in Maryland, I am now becoming more involved in 
>community reef restoration.  Members of the Magothy River Association 
>(near Annapolis/Balitmore) have taken it upon ourselves to obtain funding 
>to grow oysters and seed reefs at historically productive oyster sites in 
>our River.
>We have had tremendous difficulty getting more than a few thousand 
>dollars for our projects.  This is with costs of one acre of shell cover 
>being alone around $8,000.  Our goals are to set a foundation of hard 
>substrate and then shell and then oysters.  2 Acres would cost around 
>$35,000 - we are also working on in-kind donations.  We have received 
>tremendous public support. 

>Since we have been so limited in our funding, our resulting efforts have 
>also been rather piddling.  With volunteers from many local groups 
>including divers, we can save the State a tremendous amount of money by 
>takingover restoration of our own River.

>Any funding suggestions?

>Michelle Powell Cummins
>\President           -            aacccmns at clark.net/   
>\P. Cummins Oyster Co., Inc. call (410) 255-4501    /

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