***** Small questionary about internet *****

lauper at lgmhp1.epfl.ch lauper at lgmhp1.epfl.ch
Mon Mar 6 10:49:39 EST 1995

Two students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne have written
a small questionary about internet. Its purpose is to better know internet's 
users. Your answers will be used to make some statistical analyses. We guarantee 
the privacy of your answers.
You can access it with your habitual client (Mosaic, Netscape, ...) and we would 
really appreciate if you take the time to fill it. 

The URL is:           http://slsg1:8080/quest.html


                                               Fabrice Lauper
                                               Pierre Fridez
                                               lauper at lgmhp1.epfl.ch

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