Why so few posts

Emmanuel Skoufos, Ph.D. skoufos at nefeli.imbb.forth.gr
Tue Mar 7 13:58:30 EST 1995

In article <12977085 at dancer.Dartmouth.EDU>, Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU (Julia A. Keith) writes:
>I was wondering the same thing myself (how long the posts stay up)  I quit
>using a newsreader and went to email, because the posts disappered so quickly,
>but I know bionet is trying to encourage newsreaders.  Maybe we could lengthen
>the time a post stays on the list?
>Julie Keith

the problem is with the particular software at your site.  You may want to
ask your news sysop to increase the time posts stay on.
Hope this is of help.


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