Vocab expansion

Deborah Kluge kluge at clark.net
Wed Mar 8 09:11:54 EST 1995

In article <erina.6.0009ED0A at ksu.ksu.edu>, erina at ksu.ksu.edu says...
Is there a good 
>way to improve your vocabulary?  If so how?  

Personally, I have found that reading is the best way to improve vocabulary, 
including reading that is not related to one's professional field.  Fiction 
and non-fiction books, magazines, etc. are great sources of new words.

Another way is via a thesauras.  I use the thesauras on my word processor a 
lot to find new words.  Or, you can use the book version, which is much more 

Several years ago, my husband decided that he wanted to improve his 
vocabulary.  He prepared a flash card (index card) for each new word he 
wanted to learn.  Sources of the words were from various professional and 
non-professional materials.  On the front of each card, he wrote the word in 
large letters. On the back of the card, he wrote the definition and an 
example of how the word was used in a sentence.  He would go thru some of 
these cards each day until he felt familiar with the words, and would use 
the words in conversation when appropriate.  Then he'd start with a new set 
of cards.  Sounds a little childish, but it worked for him. 


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