Should I change my surname?

Sharon Levy hughbie at
Mon Mar 6 17:05:57 EST 1995

In article <9502017941.AA794107609 at>, zeilerk at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV says:
> Since then I have developed a new idea, not shared by 
>virtually anyone, I find.  (Including my spouse!)
>My proposal is that when two individuals decide to join together - leaving their
>original family and forming a new family - that they should pick a BRAND NEW 

I do know one couple who combined a syllable from each of their surnames
to create a new surname.  It's worked out well for them, and since they
have children, it avoids the
confusion - and exclusion - of having the wife being the only one in the
family with a different surname.

I would considered this option very seriously, but my husband was not
willing to.  So we each kept our own names.  It confuses some people,
but that's OK. 

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