Kitchen Sink

stacia friedman-hill stacia at
Tue Mar 7 22:52:36 EST 1995

Thanks Karen. I was just reading this while waiting for a program
to finish crunching data. Having spent the whole day mining the brain
for interesting cells, I was depressed to read Ribena's post and 
I wasn't sure if it was real or a joke.  Your message made me smile:
It was even more on the mark than the flaming I suspect Craig/Ribena
thought they would elicit.


P.S. Pertaining to another recent thread: Both my husband and I
changed our last names and have had no problems.  We have friends
who have done the same. In our case, we hyphenated our names to
"Friedman-Hill." In their case, they combined their names to make
a new one.

"KAREN K. OATES" <koates at> wrote:
> *****************
> TO Ribena,
> What are you doing on this newsboard? Aren't there cookies to be baked 
> and pans to be scrub?
> Really... how could such an anti-intellectual  message offend anyone but 
> you?
> Karen Oates
> ***********************8

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