Kitchen Sink

Lisa J. Gamble ljgamble at MTU.EDU
Tue Mar 7 21:46:31 EST 1995

	When I read the "Kitchen Sink" post, it reminded me of an article 
written by Judy Syfers (originally published in the first issue of Ms. 
magazine) called  -Why I Want a Wife-.  The gist of the article was that
if one could select all of the qualities of a perfect wife, they would  
probably be self serving, ie. cook for me, clean for me, emotional support, 
sexual satisfaction, etc.
	She ends the article by saying, "My God, who WOULDN'T want a wife?"

	I think (and really, really hope) that the "Kitchen Sink" post was
merely an eye-opener... food for thought.  Instead of coming out and saying
how STUPID those ideas were, it very bluntly tells you the ideas, and
allows you to realize and ponder their stupidity.
	If it was serious, then I fear for the offspring of the author.

Lisa J. Gamble
ljgamble at

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system :)


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